För-isolerat enkelrör HEATPEX Delta Pex Sani Uno



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Pre-insulated single pipe HEATPEX DELTA PEX SANI UNO 90/200

DELTA PEX SANI UNO PN 10/95°C SDR 7,4 - SINGLE PIPE for distribution of cold or warm tap water

  • Highest class components of Delta as well as rigorous production process providing safe and comfort pipeline system. High flexibility (minimal radius of bending) and dedicated accessories makes laying process quick and easy. The pipes are available in coils with lenght on demand. Max 100 m. Pex-a carrier pipes are produced from the specially selected plastic according to PN-EN ISO 15875 -1,2 and 5 standard requirements. In the process of production the plastic is extruded under high pressure and temperature in the presence of a chemical catalyst. The crosslinking process according to ISO 10147 standard requirements was also implemented, which results in formation of the inseparable connections in the shape of 3D lattice, so that the pipe behaves as a single molecule.


Bredd 2300mm
Höjd 1400mm
Djup 2300mm
Volym 7.406m3
Vikt 4.39kg